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Cannabis Access Control

CannaBeSecure knows the security of your business depends on controlling access to all areas. Choosing an access control system can require hours spent piecing together an assortment of software and hardware devices. Let our security consultants help streamline the process of selecting the right components for your business and construct a truly comprehensive and fully integrated access control system that’s right for your specific needs.

Managing personnel traffic within your facility is vital. For instance, budtenders should not have access to grow areas and vice versa. Using access control systems, you can control which employees are allowed within vital areas such as your drying rooms, security room, and safe area(s) and at what times. 

Whether you want to secure access to a room, a dispensary, a growing warehouse, or an infused product manufacturing floor our security consultants are ready to help keep you and your business assets secure.

Let us help you minimize your access vulnerabilities today.

We ensure the compliance of your security system by providing you with a custom security floor plan for submission to your state’s regulatory commission

Cannabis Access Control